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Certified Land Sales Specialist

CLSS 101: Market Analysis and Land Valuation: Extensive checklist of elements that contribute or detract from land value, as well as the most commonly used techniques for helping clients to come to an agreement on the value of a land parcel for sale. 3 hours General CE credit.

CLSS 102: Land Planning & Zoning: With over 100 different zoning authorities in Arizona, the complexity of zoning law is diverse.  This advanced class will examine the most common types of zoning systems, and procedures to follow to change zoning, as well as the effects of current zoning on future land use. 3 hours Real Estate Legal Issues CE credit.

CLSS 103: How to Protect Your Commission: Techniques to serve a Seller’s/Owner’s interests when obtaining a listing, or a Buyer’s/Tenant’s interests when representing the Buyer/Tenant; also, how to assure collection of commission. 3 hours Agency Law CE credit.

CLSS 104: Environmental Issues and Land: An overview of the “red flags” to alert a land broker that the property may have land contamination. Also includes modern remediation techniques that may be cost effective, and the use of environmental consultants, engineers, and contractors. 3 hours Real Estate Legal Issues CE credit. 

CLSS 105: Land Title Defects: About one out of three land transactions has some form of title defect, and solving them can take time and money.  This intermediate course examines the most common types of title problems with land, from a single lot to a full section, with actual cases, and solutions to the problems, so the transaction can proceed. 3 hours Real Estate Legal Issues CE credit

CLSS 106: Water in Arizona: An intermediate level review of Arizona Water supply and demand, resources and problems, including both Groundwater and Surface water, and State regulation and law, with particular emphasis on Arizona Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF). 3 hours Real Estate Legal Issues CE credit. 

CLSS 107: Land Development Sales Regulations in Arizona: Arizona Real Estate Dept. rules and laws regulate land sales more than virtually any state, and penalties are very severe. The course spells out the areas of most common problems for licensees, and pitfalls to avoid. 3 hours Commissioner’s Standards CE credit.

 CLSS 108: Vacant Land Contract: Detailed: Detailed review of the Arizona Association of REALTORS® Vacant Land Purchase Contract form, page by page, with special emphasis on land contingencies, and the Arizona required disclosures and addendum. 6 hours Contract Law CE credit.

 CLSS 109: Contingency Clauses: An advanced level class which provides the tools and techniques to write a proper contingency (“escape”) clause, as well as specific clauses for special uses. 3 hours Contract Law CE credit.

 CLSS 110: Land Development and Engineering: Basic principals of land engineering, as part of the land development process. Also covers “red flags” of land that suggest the need for the use of an engineer early in the land development process, and the basic steps in land development. 3 Hours General CE credit.

CLSS 111: Build To Suit: A broad scoped examination of the variety of build to suit transactions by which a commercial user can obtain a building designed and built to their specific needs. Includes the user’s needs assessment, site assessment, legal structuring, and financing. 3 hours General CE credit.

CLSS 112: Land Financing: Explanation of why land financing is different from all other forms of real estate financing, as well as the most common sources, and how to prepare for obtaining, and negotiating land financing. 3 hours General CE credit.

CLSS 113: Legal Preventive Maintenance: Practicing Safe Real Estate: A practical risk reduction class, focusing on the most common causes of exposure to litigation resulting from brokerage practice, and steps to help reduce those exposures. 3 hours of Real Estate Legal Issues CE credit.

CLSS 114: Commercial Practice Risk Reduction & Communication with the Public: How to improve communication and relationships with clients and the public, resulting in reduced legal risks and risk of loss to the client, customers, and others involved in a transaction. Also, how to provide full disclosure and comply with state advertising rules, in ways that are easiest for the public to use. 3 hours Legal Issues CE credit

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